Lyric and Lead Sheet Issues

I am a new lifetime purchaser but have run into some issues with a tune I’ve created and for which I’m trying to create a lead sheet. It’s the only song I’ve created on this platform so far, so you’re welcome to examine it.

  1. Lyrics Editor
    a) cannot insert lyrics into “bridge”; it keeps defaulting to the “intro” which has no lyrics. I was able to insert lyrics in verse 1. But it doesn’t print as a lead sheet properly. See below.
    b) While lyrics appear properly in the editor, they do not appear properly in the lead sheet.

  2. Lead sheet
    a) Lyrics do not appear properly next to the correct melody notes in the lead sheet, while they do so in the editor.
    b) Anyway to remove the title “lead sheet” and do other simple stylizing. I didn’t see it in the user guid.
    c) What about repeats, codas, etc. I assume not but thought I’d ask.

Please respond quickly as I’m not not clear if this solution is going to work for me.

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

I looked at your song and there is clearly something wrong with it. Somehow the section of the song got out of sync with the sections in the lyrics editor. I think I already fixed this issue which should be gone with our next update.

About the lead sheet:
I think when the lyrics editor works properly again, the export should be alright, too.

There is currently only one way to edit the Lead Sheet export. In the preferences you’ll find an option to include a Lilypond file with the sheet music export. This file can then be used to make any changes you like. But of course working with Lilypond needs some coding skills and is not easy to do.
But I agree, Title - lead-sheet doesn’t look that pretty. The specification of the export shouldn’t be in the title, you can clearly see what you’ve exported without it. So I’ll just remove it.

I have often thought about repeats, codas etc. but haven’t found a great way to implement it yet. So right now it is not possible to have any of this in your lead sheet export.

I hope you got the answers you were looking for.