Looping more than 2 chords + the magic chord when previewing magic chords?


Is it possible to preview more than just the current last two chords in a progression when choosing a magic chord? So far I’ve fiddled with hookpad and when choosing a magic chord it will only play the last two chords in the progression when I have the preview box open. So for example, my progression could be something like Am, G, C, and when I choose magic chord after the C major chord it will only preview G,C, and whatever magic chord I’ve selected and not play the Am. As of right now since I can’t hear the first chord I have to click out of the magic preview box, and listen to it all, and then if I don’t like it, hit undo, and then go back to the magic preview box and try again. It’s too many steps and gets in the way of my workflow. I could see this being especially hampering with even longer progressions. If there’s a quick way to fix this that I missed please let me know. Thanks!!

Thank you for the suggestion. This is not possible right now. I changed the category of this post to “feature requests”