Long section of song

I want to submit a TheoryTab of a song, but following the way the song is working requires transcribing the full verse of the song, and that’s rather long for TheoryTab. How should I handle this?

are you saying that the amount of bars you have in your tab might exceed a certain limit, or are you wondering if you should segment the tab into different pieces? if it’s the former, there’s no need to worry – as far as I’m aware, theorytabs can be as long as you want (see the Solo section here, which comes up on about 100 bars so far: https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/john-coltrane/giant-steps). if it’s the second, you should do your best to keep each section of a song to one tab, so don’t worry about it being “too long for theorytab” given there’s different chords / melody throughout the verse