Locating 'Course Sign Up' link for existing logins - homepage?

Locating ‘Course Sign Up’ link for existing logins - homepage?

Sad to say it is not obvious to us…

Sorry it’s not more obvious. Normally when you visit the course sign up page it has you create a new account and put in a course code. However, if you visit the same page and are already logged in, there is a single field for just joining a course.


I realize this might be too clever by half so we may look into changing this.


Hello Dave,

I greatfully appreciate you explaining this for us, and taking the time to send the email. It is quicker than navigating to the forums in this instance.

I do appreciate that the site understands the difference between a new user, and a returning user. Adjusting the fields required makes the data input much easier to help the students focus.

Our issue is more on where the page link is in the first place, particularly when the student logs in, then goes looking for the course sign up page.

We have to use Google Chrome at our school.

A new user has no option, they are presented with all the fields when they first try to sign in.

** I’m a student with a course code from my teacher ** is more difficult to locate if the student has already logged in.

The home page they are presented with has the learn more links, and drop down menus for TABS, SOFTWARE, BOOKS, MORE, HELP, and their profile menu. We cannot locate the course sign up from here.

We have tried to use the browser’s address line to input https://www.hooktheory.com/courses/signup but it returns ‘forbidden’ and 404.

Unfortunately, the image that illustrates the process accessed from the teachers roster is outdated and represents the older site layout. I can use the link from here, but the students can’t. This is how we first thought of using the link you mentioned in your reply.

I am probably stuck in a loop created by my own mouse movements, but I cannot find a way for a student that has already logged in with an existing account to then locate the courses sign up page.

Thanks for any additional help. I’m sorry to be making an issue out of what should be simple. I simply cannot think how to find it. If I have missed an obvious element of the home page I am truly sorry.


Peter Schuhmacher.

Strange that that link didn’t work for you. Are you sure you typed it in correctly? You are correct that the link was difficult to find on the website when you are signed in. To make it easier, we just added it to the bottom of every page in the footer.

We also updated some of the manual screen shots and info to reflect the new site design.

Hope that helps!


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help with all this.

Having a set place for the link has cleared up a huge bottlekneck with our classes.

Our students now have no excuse for not following clear instructions and can concentrate on being productive with the resources of the site.

Thanks, too, for being so responsive and modifying your site to help solve an issue that is probably local to our school. We appresciated the help with the youtube toggle in settings, as our system barred junior students from access to youtube. Having these tweaks helps keep our sudents focussed on the real tools of the site, and they can always switch back when at home.


Peter Schuhmacher.

Macintyre High School.