List for best combinations of Browser and OS in order to use the HookTheory site

Hello HookTheory and community,

I have a request for some help based on your experiences with different combinations of Computer, OS, and Browsers to help maintain access to HookTheory and its features.

This is particularly needed in our school setting as we used to be able to access parts of the site with our school equipment, but in subsequent improvements to the site have lost the ability to even view it.

We stand very little hope of maintaining the latest computers with all the latest updates, but do hope a list detailing which OS works with which Browser in order to work with the site.

With this list we may be able to petition our Department Technicians to help load alternative browsers, that will stand the updates, on our older machines to ensure access while we work on replacing them for more compatible and stable ones.

Thanks for any help you can offer. Sometimes it is a pain to have to just constantly make do in our educational institutions.


Performance seems to vary per computer indeed. My (reasonably powerfull) desktop computer with Ubuntu 12.4 has trouble running the hookpad/theorytab flash app in both Firefox and Chrome. In Chrome it runs a little bit less bad than in Firefox.

The (less powerfull) laptop of my girlfriend with Windows 7 has no trouble at all running the flash app in the Chrome browser.

Thanks for the input Peter.

Every bit of anyone’s user experience will help us to find a workable combination for our situation.

I had never thought of using any other OS other than windows at our school, but if our computer science classes are permitted to setup other environments using Unix / Linux / Ubuntu by our Education department for other classes, and the like, it may help us wring a bit more life out of the hardware we have available.

Thanks again. Looking forward to any other combination experiences.


@MACINTYREH Sorry for not responding to your initial post. For some reason I missed this.

Are you experiencing any specific issues with the site on certain browser/OS combo’s? We try to test the site on most of the common OS’s and browsers but it’s tough to get everything right. We do most of our development work on macs so that ends up being the most solid, but windows should be fine as well. As @PeterSmit pointed out, there are some issues with the Linux version of Flash. Really old versions of Internet Explorer are also a no no, I think, but anything released within the last few years should be fine.

If you have a specific issue that you’re seeing, I would love to here about it so we can fix it :slight_smile:



Hi Dave,

Our main issue occurs with IE9 on the Vista machines, and the same with IE8 on the XP machines. They are as updated in all aspects as we can make them.

The site home page doesn’t function, instead it displays active titles and blank picture spaces (the field and a little red “x”). none of the links function. They click and freeze.

I was able to access the Forum link, and have since begun the two threads.

Our newer machines are slow to be rolled out for general class use (Win 7 IE10). They work fine, just not enough of them to be viable for the classes, so that is why I’m searching for other combinations that may give us access in the meantime.

The ability to not default to the Youtube video (a different thread) helped us immediatly, as students are blocked from Youtube here, so the HookTabs would just sit there frozen before your work around.

I’m hoping that we may arrive at a OS and Browser combination that will let us enjoy all that HookTheory has to offer.