Level up in minor mode for chord crush

I love chord crush but for me there’s something I really miss. Something very important. At least in my case, recognizing chords in minor scales needs time of practice on its own. In level up there’s only puzzles in major scales, and then, in higher levels appear some examples in minor scales now and then. But the practice of major scales didn’t prepare the player to recognize them. It’s different. And that few times they appear it’s not enough to learn. The only way to practice minor scales is in the customize mode, but it’s not as good to start from the beginning and follow a progression in learning as the level up. In my opinion there should be the chance to play level up only in minor scales to learn separately. That would make chord crush close to perfect. I say close, because in the mode with real songs, the same songs appear very often. I understand there must be a lot of work for you and I guess there will be more in the future. But anyway, chord crush is one of the best tools for music learning ever created.


Glad you’re liking Chord Crush! We have 5 more levels planned as of now, and one of them will feature Minor and other non-major scales. In addition to this level, we’ll have levels focusing on:

  • Applied chords
  • Seventh chords
  • Less common inversions and suspensions
  • Advanced seventh and applied seventh chords

We’re just working through some performance issues with Chord Crush playback, but once those are finished we’ll get these new levels in.


What do you mean with “applied chords”?

Applied (or secondary) chords are chords that are natural to a key other than the home key, for example a D major chord in the key of C Major, which would be spelled V/V, since it is the “five” chord in the key of G Major.

ooh! I know what you mean now. Really usefull!!! Thank you for your work!!!