Lets share what can be achieved on Hookpad

It would be good to set up a creative forum of hookpad users where we could see and hear the results of what can be done on Hookpad. The main benefit will be to increase the Hookpad community experience in a creative way. For example, I am a blues guitarist who, after fully accessing Hookpad, managed to compose reasonable good House music after a very short period of time (example below - all music was composed and exported straight to mp3 without use of a DAW).
Best Paul

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Hey Paul,

that’s a great song! I had a look through your album on Youtube. Are all those songs created with Hookpad only, or did you mix in some other instruments?



Hi Dennis,
All songs (except Trapp) 100% on Hookpad. I’m a complete rookie when it comes to mixing. Hookpad has changed my musical world with regards composition. The fact you have developed great sounds and instruments just make it more fun. Your core product allows pretty decent tunes to be composed and exported.

Hi Paul,
that’s amazing. As I produced all Hookpad Sounds myself, it’s always great to see how others use them in a creative way and bring them to live.
I think your mixing is not bad, but at parts a bit inconsistent. Let me give you some tips:
For this kind of music I would start to have the drums on the same level through out the song. You can have of course parts with no drums or reduced drums, like only the snare or a clap sound on the backbeat. Try to think more black and white, more like full drums vs. no (reduced) drums.

After establishing a consistent drum level, find a bass level that fits to those drums and stick with it. Here I would also think in black and white. Use full bass, or for the parts with no drums, no bass.

Apart from the drums the melody should be your main focus. Make it as loud to stick out but not mask the drums. Tuck the harmony instruments behind the melody. The less volume your harmony instruments have the clearer the mix will sound. Find a good balance there between having a nice ambience and muddying up your mix.

Melody and harmony instruments should be a consistent package, too. If you have no melody, make the harmony a bit louder. When the melody comes in, make the harmony a bit quieter to create more space for the melody. If a second melody comes in, make the harmony and the first melody a bit quieter to avoid masking the drums.

Please forgive me for forcing a lots of tips onto you if you didn’t want any :slight_smile:


Many thanks Dennis, your tips are well received. I love your sounds as they provide a great platform to compose really great music.

If I try and export to Ableton (for fine tuning and further composition) I find I am unable to produce the same/similar sounds without a huge amount of work: I like yours!
Here are a couple of my ideas for Hookpad:

  1. Partner with the big 4 or 5 Daw providers and have them hold your finished sounds on their platform. Benefits both Hookpad and the Daws for new business
  2. Build seemless exports to those companies that allow your clients to have a near finished product with minimum fuss. (Should enable you to build higher fees for Hookpad)
    Of course this all takes a lot of resource but I think it could be something to discuss with your team.
    Many thanks again Dennis, I’ll give you some feedback once I’ve actioned your advice.
  1. Altenatively - you hold on to access to your sounds and charge an added fee for the service.

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I have often thought about creating a sound font which will load all Hookpad instruments into a DAW. There are some hurdles to overcome but I’ll definitely will think about a bit more.

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