Lead Sheet export error - bars cut off

I’m trying to export a lead sheet for a song and every time I do, a large number of bars continue off the sheet and get cut off, starting at measure 53 of a 99-measure song (screenshot below).

I’ve tried different browsers and refreshing the application to the latest version on both Windows and iOS – same outcome no matter what. The same thing happens when I try to export as a score or a tab.

I’d appreciate any suggestions, as I’m trying to get this lead sheet done by a deadline this Friday, and I’m hoping not to have to resort to re-engraving the whole thing manually in MuseScore.

We’re sorry to see that. We’ll try to find a solution but I’m not sure we can do this until Friday.
One thing you could do is to export the melody as Midi file and import this into MuseScore. This could spare at least some time.



@angelehemamusic what is the name of this song? We’re trying to work out a fix for you, sorry for the trouble!

@angelehemamusic I think we have the bug fixed, sorry for the trouble, will push a fix shortly but I emailed you the compiled lead sheet in the meantime

This bug is fixed in Hookpad 2.21.6 live now.