Lead guitar sustain and reverb

Recently, I’ve noticed some of the sounds are missing, such as the Lead Guitar Sustain and Reverb. Old compositions play okay, but I can’t use them in a new composition, or am I missing something? Any clues welcome please.

PS: I’d love a way to bend guitar notes … even Logic Pro can’t do that properly (without crashing numerous times that is :slight_smile:


Correction … some of my previous composition no longer play due to ‘missing sounds.’ Really disappointing!

@Marr, can you email me examples of songs where this is happening?

Since the new update we’ve found that certain combinations of sounds in bands are being reported to have problems, but it is difficult to track these down, so sending us examples is very helpful for debugging purposes and allows us to get them fixed much more quickly. Thanks!

I am having multiple problems with Hook Theory, especially with guitar applications too!

@YuriFutanari can you explain further some of the problems you are experiencing? We’d love to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible

EDIT: We’ve found an issue affecting some old songs containing Clean Electric Lead patches. We’re pushing a fix for this shortly.

Thanks @Marr for helping us debug, we’ve fixed the bug that was affecting songs with Lead Guitar Sustain, live now in 2.19.10. Also, regarding your previous post, the old Lead Guitar has been renamed to: Electric Lead Guitar

My number one issue comes that when I try to run notes in natural progression, when I come to either end of an octave, there is no allowance for half notes, which causes an ugly hiccup in the flow of the sound if it is played according to the resulting error caused by this disallowance.

@YuriFutanari, I’m not sure that I follow what you’re referring to. If you are having trouble creating notes that extend beyond the current octave, you can change their octave by selecting them and holding down the SHIFT key while you press the up or down arrows. If you are referring to creating notes that lie in between scale tones, those can be created by selecting a note and clicking the “Raise Half” or “Lower Half” buttons

Sorry, but it does not work. I spent hours trying to make it work and find information in the FAQs and reading so called experts online, and nobody had anything that worked.

When you cross the octave line, it simply will never give you that half note.

Clicking “raise half” or “lower half” always raises or lowers a whole note at the octave break.

As a guitarist, I run these notes freely all the time, but then I am not a computer program with pre-set limits, I just play the notes I need, where and when, all up and down the octave.

This program is too rigid and is designed to not permit this same fluid transfer through an octave.

You are not allowed to use A flat or G sharp.

@YuriFutanari, if by “half note” you are referring to the notes in between the scale tones, you can find these either by raising or lowering scale tones by a half step using the buttons in the UI, or you can select a note and press “,” or “.” to lower or raise them respectively. The following example shows what a chromatic scale looks like in Hookpad. All of the hashed colored notes are notes that are in between scale tones. In the key of G Major, as shown here, Ab/G# is the note that is colored red and orange:

Your screen shot proves my point. ~( ,m,)~

Are you referring to the jump from the pink to the red note?
The screenshot shows the key of G Major. In G Major we already have halftone steps between B (yellow) and C (green) and between F# (pink) and G (red). This means that between those notes no other note will fit in as they are only a halftone apart.

To get a more continuous view of a chromatic scale you can go to “Preferences” and click on “Show Expanded Note Staff”. This will give you a fully chromatic view which you might be used to in other DAWs. Please let me know if this helped.

However they say it is, I know on my guitar I DO HAVE a half note in between them.

Naturally I know about the expanded view, I’ve crawled all over this program and it makes me NUTZ!

I need that [allegedly nonexistent] missing half note to make my composition work!

When I play this out through the program there is a CLEAR and DEFINITE WHOLE note range SKIP and arguing to me that it is not there is like telling me I am not breathing air.

I have played guitar for over 30 years, and I KNOW FULL WELL its RIGHT THERE.

But even if I attempt to RECORD and convert to a MIDI file, it SKIPS this by simply making it the next whole note HIGHER than the half note!

I can play it, but I can not send it to others.

I’m really wasting a whole lot of money on something that is simply not performing how I need.

The screenshots from others are showing full octaves composed of half-step jumps. Hookpad uses the 12-note chromatic scale, so there is simply no note between F# (pink) and G (red) - or between B (yellow) and C (green) for that matter - as they are only a half-step apart. If you want to play a note that isn’t part of the 12 notes of the chromatic scale, or smoothly pitch bend through notes, I’m afraid you can’t do that in Hookpad.
This also might be a problem with the recording interface, but you can manually change the problem notes by moving them up a half-step, for example if you play E - F - F# - G but it shows up in Hookpad as E - F - F - G, you can select the third note and move it up a half-step.

I guess my only option is to cancel my wasted and expensive subscription and search elsewhere for my solution [sigh]