Layout change suggestions

first off, i would just like to say awesome work on the new site, guys. looks a whole lot cleaner and loads a lot faster, many bugs that i had previously had to work around were patched, all around amazing. just a few suggestions to the new layout, though:

  • maybe switch the “about this key” section, (1) in the image, with the etc information, (2) in the image? while the new insight about the key the tab is in is very insightful, it is a bit lengthy and sorta in the way for those who want to view information about the song, and prioritizing information about the song in the tab rather than the key seems more intuitive to me. this is really just me not being used to the new layout, but i think it’d look a little better. also, if you’d rather not switch them, i would at the very least recommend having the “about this key section” be collapsible (think something like a spoiler box), since it is as mentioned before pretty lengthy.
  • the piano thing, (3) in the image, is cool and definitely really helpful to those learning the melodies of songs, but I think it’d be nice to have the option to disable it (unless there is one and I just haven’t found it yet) since it does just sorta add more to the screen (from my perspective, at least, since i mainly use theorytab to transcribe new songs and not learn how to play them)
  • finally for (4) the scrolling tab thing is a nice touch, but is there an option to have it be sorta like the legacy version where you can see the entire tab at once at a decent resolution? this might be helpful to those who are just looking at the chords so they wouldn’t have to scrub with the bar across the whole thing. also another thing for (4), unless i haven’t found it yet, i think the ability to turn off looping should be a thing

overall great stuff guys! really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this new layout, it absolutely has paid off and i’m excited for what comes next =)


@ethxn, thank you for your thoughtful post here. Sorry for not replying sooner. I agree that basically we should have some sort of global persistent settings that let you control your TheoryTab layout e.g.,

  • timeline view vs. wrapped
  • piano vs. no piano
  • looping on/off by default

This will go on my list. I’m deep into rebuilding our Books right now using the Hookpad 2 player so I won’t be able to look at this for a little while but I’m pretty sure we can enable this in the future.

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awesome! no rush, to know it’s on the list is more than great to hear =D thanks so much!

@ethxn, I just pushed an update to address this.

In your account menu, click “My TheoryTab Settings”

This lets you customize how TheoryTab pages look across sessions. I implemented it with persistent browser storage so it will be tied to your browser, rather than your account.

If there are any settings you think are missing, let me know! Enjoy.

everything looks great, thanks so much for implementing it so quickly! couldn’t be happier, very very much appreciated =]

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