Lagging and freezing

Hi really enjoying the the site but have great problems with using the mouse consistently to add note length etc and as the music plays the cursor is lagging far behind at times.
Can you advise me please.
Thank you

It’s normal. There’s no way around it until the HTML5 update comes out.

Hi bigyihsuan thanks for your reply.
With respect i am not sure normal is the right word:smile:
If i understand correctly you you are saying everyone gets these problems.
How can anyone concentrate or compose in that manner?
So the question begs at this time when is the HTML5 update happening … for this unworkable for me as it stands. which is a great shame.

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After two years of using this, I’ve just gotten used to it and waiting for the HTML5 update to come out.

No ETA from the devs because they do it in their spare time.

Thankyou for your reply bigyihsuan.
I hope they get to it soon as i suppose we all do.

I would say that a newer computer shouldn’t have problems with the caveat being that Hookpad is designed for sketching out separate choruses and verses on the scale of what you see in the Theorytab database. If you try to write a whole song things will start to lag. That said, we’re hard at work on the next version and are excited about its progress.


Hi dave, i didn find another way to send message to you.
I like hookpad very much, and its very helpfull in my gamedevelopment.
I very surprised how slow and laggy it is works for now, i has a lot of expirience in flash development, and can say, that Flash is much faster that html5 and javascript. I made a lot af games with flash in last years, and maybe i can help you guys to optimize it? Is it possible to revise your source codes and project file (if any). I sure its possible to improve performance in many times. at least its easy to add render quoality switcher.
I just profiled hookpad’s swf, and problem certainly in unoptimized vector. Its cause render overhead, and mouse collisions checking. Usual problem and simple to fix. I think its vill be gread to work smoothly in hookpad and wait HTML update : )

Hey Megabyte,
We appreciate the offer. Flash isn’t totally to blame here obviously. A lot of it is the architecture that is need of a rewrite to be more efficient. Getting off Flash will be a nice side effect as it is quite a resource hog and doesn’t work with mobile.

We’re making great progress on the rewrite and think this is the quickest solution. It’s also going to have a lot more features.