L-O-V-E chord analysis flaw

While browsing through the analysis of L-O-V-E, the first bar of the tune is labelled with the chord G6. That does not seem correct, as there is no E in the first bar of this tune. Furthermore, the chord G6 is analyzed as vi7 in first inversion. ?? The tune is written in G!

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 3.56.20 PM

The second bar is correctly analyzed as a vi65, but the chord is labelled as a “G6.” I think it is simply an E-7.

I stopped there, but am concerned about the accuracy of your computer algorithm making these calls. (Unlikely that a person trained in music theory would analyze this song in this way, IMO).

Hey Lycoming,

our TheoryTab Database is indeed not computer generated but every song was analysed by at least one of our users so there might be some wrong notes/chords in some of the songs. If you find anything suspicious you’re welcome to edit the song and correct it.



OK, thanks Dennis. I will do so.

:grinning: I would have thought you guys would have automated the analysis by now . . .

Cheers. Chris