Key-specific chord chart, sorted by usefulness

I’d like to know the most common chords in a given key. All-encompassing chord charts are great for general reference, but I’d like to build smaller ‘key-specific’ chord charts, maybe grouped by ‘common’, ‘infrequent’, ‘rare’, and ‘jazz’ chords. Gentle jab at jazz players there. :smile:

The trends navigator is awesome for figuring out what ORDER the chords might come in, but I can’t seem to find a somewhat complete chord list for each key, sorted by usefulness.
There are plenty of basic lists like this: The primary and 7th chords are useful, sure, but where do the ‘add9’, ‘sus4’, etc. chords fit in? and does anyone ever really use the ‘m7b5’??

Anyway, just looking for a simple chord list, with most common/useful chords at the top, fancier/less common ones toward the bottom.