Key changes for modulations

Hello !

I am currently having some students transcribe the Moonlight Sonata.
Measure 10 there is a modulation from E major (III) to E min (or E min as iii of C major).
I don’t find this chord or any equivalent in the key of C#min.
This modulation would require a change of key. Is it possible?
It seems it is possible because the transcription of Moonlight sonata that serves as an example in TABS shows a change of key between the parts (C#min to E min).
Anyone can tell me how I can do this change of key without changing the rest of the chords? Or how to do this modulation?


Depends on what version of Hookpad you’re using.

If you’re using Hookpad 1 (Flash-based), you have to manually search for a chord by either borrowing from a different mode, or changing the mode of the tab, borrow the chords from that, then revert back to the original mode. To “switch” keys to E minor from C# minor, you’ll need to switch the mode to major, borrowing chords from minor, then switching back to minor. Note that all the chords from the key “change” will be labeled as borrowed (bor) and from the Supermodal mode.

If you’re using Hookpad 2 (HTML5-based), it’s as simple as highlighting the measures you want the key change to be by click-dragging in the top rectangles (the one with numbers). Then, click “Add Key Change”, and select the desired key.

Thanks for your help!!
But there is a problem: when my students open their assignments it opens automatically the old version.
And if they choose to work with 2.2 version it doesn’t allow me to check what there assignments.
Is there any way to use the version 2.2 with all the classroom features?