Key change in mid-measure

Hi, I’m using the latest Hookpad (v. 2.10.7). The piece I’m entering is in 6/8 and has a key change in the second half of a measure (4th beat of measure). When I try to highlight/select the second half of the measure in the rectangle above, it always selects the whole measure. In the dialog, the only options for the key change are: Measure 14 through 14 or Measure 14 to next change. Is there some way I can make it: Measure 14, Beat 4 to next change?


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Hi @edwardjc, unfortunately, no. Band, tempo, tonic/scale (key), meter changes are only supported with measure granularity.

Where’s the Add key change referenced in the manual? I don’t see that option at all. "Hookpad allows you to have key changes in your project. Add a key change by selecting the measure you would like to add the key change to and click “add key change”.

Ah. Found it… Have to select the measure in the top line, can’t do it from the chord line.