Keeps asking me to purchase

I have purchased Hookpad but it keeps asking me to buy it for some of the features.

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When I do certain actions something similar happens, but it shows me a dialog that “I’m all set”. Not overly annoying in my case but seems like a but.

Thanks for the response but It really is not recognising that I have purchased it, I’m sure I’m still in the ‘trial version’

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I am having the same issue. Logged in, whenever I try to use any of the functions after 90 seconds it asks me to purchase. Already did that!

I also have the same problem I purchased the monthly subscription. Very frustrating. I have emailed but no response as yet so now I have to wait

Yes I’ve emailed support twice now, still no reply.

@ethelthw0t I’m very sorry I’m not seeing any open support tickets from you. Are you sending emails to support at hooktheory dot com ? Can you try sending an email right now. I will look to see if the ticket is getting marked as spam .

Typically this happens if you made the purchase while not signed in. You should have received an email with an activation link to pair the purchase with the desired account. I don’t see an unactivated purchase under your email, is it possible you purchased using a different one?


Hi Dave
I have found the activation link .It was sent to another email address for some reason.

so all is fine now thank you.


I am having the same problem

i would clear your hookpad cookies, close browser, open browser, and re-login. shift-f5 to force a reload of the app to latest version.