Keep Scale Degrees When Changing Modes

Is it possible to keep the scale degree information when changing Modes? This request is similar to adam_risch’s (I could not find"+ Reply") but I do not want scale degrees to change with changing keys .

Initially, I am using HookPad to understand the sonic relationships among various keys and between different modes. I like that I can enter a chord progression in the key of C Major and hear what the progression sounds like in other keys. When I switched to the related minor (A minor), HookPad seemed to be trying to maintain the same sound as C Major but using chords in A Minor.

Being able to listen to the chord progressions in different modes would be a great ear training tool for me.

Is there a reason that someone might want to change modes but keep the same sounds? If there is then how about adding a check box in the chord wheel drop down that allows the option to keep the scale degrees in the chord progression when changing modes?

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+1 for this feature. I never thought it makes sense that we use a numeric system in HookPad but when you chance keys, the notes shift to where they would be in the new key.