Just wanted to drop a quick thank you

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to the creators of the site, and to all those who edit the melodies/chords. Seeing the tempos, rhythms, notes, scales, and chords of popular songs in all different genres has been extremely helpful. And my ears are shit for picking out notes and chords just by listening so, wouldn’t be nearly as far along as I am without ya. Thanks again !

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Yes I’ll second that. Its helped me immensely. Thanks so much! This is the first comprehensible explanation of music theory Ive seen in the past 25 years . . Now just waiting for the second book to come out!


I want to echo the above comments and add some additional thoughts.

Book 1 is awesome and Book 2 is on the way to being completed :smile: .

The Hooktheory concept is fantastic and will only get better going forward.

The concepts of melody and harmony are clearly understood with the use of scale degrees and colors.

This makes learning easy and and fun compared to black and white music notation.

The Hooktheory tabs, which are rewarding and fun to create, are a fantastic resource that brings out ideas and forms of inspiration.

I look forward to many years of learning, helping and sharing with the Hooktheory community.

Musically yours,
Stephen J. Souza