Jazz Plugin and Google Chrome 64 bit

Does anybody have the Jazz Plugin working on Google Chrome 64 bit on the PC?

It installs, and shows up in windows installed programs, but doesn’t show up as a plugin in Chrome.

It shows up as an installed plugin in Internet Explorer, but Hookpad never shows the black bar indicating that it’s using the plugin, and midi input does not work there either.

I’ve tried re-installing it, restarting the browser and the PC.

Hello, I have tried installing the jazz plugin on IE, Chrome, and Waterfox. I hear nothing from my keyboard.
My midi interface works with my DAW and my sheet music editor. How can I sort this out?

My MIDI keyboard is attached to my Windows 7 computer with an M-Audio MIDISPORT Uno (MIDI to USB).
Is there some way to get this device recognized?
Thank you.


There have been some issues with Chrome and the Jazz plugin. Since Chrome supports the new Web MIDI API, we have pushed an update to Hookpad so that PLUS users can now connect MIDI controllers with Hookpad without the use of the Jazz plugin.

Hookpad will automatically detect if the Web MIDI API is available, and fall back to requiring the Jazz plugin in the case that Web MIDI is not available. Hopefully other major browsers will follow Chrome and support this API soon.