IV11 chords do not have thirds

There is no third (E) in all IV11 chords (Cmaj9#11, Fmaj9#11, etc.)

Hi Chicknz, there is a big difference between a 11 or a #11. Which one are referring to?
Regards, André

hes referring to a #11. Like a Fmaj9#11 (IV11) in C major

Well 3rd’s should be included in #11.

it drops the third for some reason

This isn’t specific to IV11 chords. As far as I know the hookpad piano always shows a single bass note in the left hand and a three note voicing in the right hand, regardless of what chord you’ve selected. So for a seventh chord the right hand drops the root, for a ninth chord it drops the fifth and for an eleventh chord it drops the third. As far as I know those are pretty standard jazz voicings. What’s interesting is that for a thirteenth chord the third is added back in and the ninth and eleventh are dropped instead.

Okay it seems like the piano does show four note and even five note right hand voicings for some of the weirder chords, but what I’ve said before still applies to standard tertian harmony.

use the Full Chord instrument option on the piano.

The band settings don’t have any impact on what is displayed on the piano.