It is possible to end up with an empty line


In another of my posts I asked for count in feature and since that is not yet available, I added an empty measure as a count in and added that to my loop. I also added a line feed after the empty measure, so that rest of the measures had line feeds in the same places where they had previously.

This kind of worked, but:

  • the empty measure repeated in the loop (of course)
  • it messed up the drum fills that were coming every 8th measure

For this reason, I removed the measure, but ended up with a song that starts with a line feed.
Is there a way to remove the line feed? Of course, this is only an esthetic problem;)


What version of Hookpad are you using (1 or 2)? Does this issue still happen when you save and reload? Most importantly, do you have screenshots and a link to the tab?

In both versions, when the cursor is in a line, there should be a + and - button in the bottom right of that line that will add a line below, and remove the selected line respectively.

I’m on version 2.5.0. The issue is still there after reload. I cannot get cursor to the line, because it is empty. My tab is not public, I think, so I don’t think I can give you a link to it. If there’s a private way to share the project file, I can do that, but it should also be really easy to duplicate the problem by adding a line break after first measure on first line and afterwards removing the first measure.

Here’s a screenshot:

For some reason displaying screenshot didn’t seem to work. Hope the image found its way to your server anyway.

Reposting the image:

That’s super weird.

At work we had a problem with images in a forum software and it was related to this:
The software we’re using was different, but the after an update I had a very similar experience with that forum.


Thanks we’ve looked into what is going on with the uploaded images. We recently (finally) moved the forum to https and this seems to be when our images stopped working. Turns out its a known issue with the forum software and I’m looking into a solution.

forum images are back in business. Will look into the blank line issue now.