It happened again. MIDI omitting random notes?

Help guys. I exported it the first time and it only export the chords without bass line and melody. Second time, it only export melody line. What is happening? I’m using FL studio 12, and everything with FL is fine before. No omitting random notes whatever. It only occurs in ACID Music Studio, not with FL. But now, this is happening. Anyways, when I play the MIDI outside of DAW, it seems to be playing everything. So is it FL or Hookpad?

Hi @Badonk, @ryan has been working hard on this the past few days. We will post back here when we have an update pushed.

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I’m having the same issue. I use Logic, but I doubt it’s a DAW problem.


We have a known issue with Hookpad MIDI files not being able to import all of the tracks when the tracks are on different MIDI channels in FL Studio. If you are having similar issues in Logic, could you please email your Hooktheory username and the name of your project to We use Logic here, and haven’t had any issues with MIDI export yet.

We appreciate your help and patience