Issues with midi files in Logic Pro X

When I import midi files into Logic Pro X that have been exported from Hook Theory, they play fine with the default instruments. When I try to drag those midi files to new midi channels with different instruments that I set up, they don’t make any sound… Why?


Can you give me a little more information about what you’re seeing? So you import a MIDI file into Logic, and it plays fine. Then you drag the MIDI regions (green regions) to a new instrument track and it doesn’t play anymore?

Say for example, I make something in HookTheory and export as a midi file. When I import the midi file into Logic it comes in as it’s own software instrument track with a predefined instrument etc… Now in my project I already have software instrument tracks set up with my Kontakt instruments or whatever. If I drag those midi files to other channels, they don’t play, but they play fine on the ones that they import into. Does that make sense?


Got it. Are you having issues with all instrument tracks or just your Kontakt instruments?

Have you verified that just creating an empty MIDI region and entering in some notes works properly on these tracks?

Are your instrument tracks expecting MIDI messages on a specific channel? If so, one thing to try is changing the MIDI output channel on the instrument tracks to “all”.