Issue: Chord Reference


Can someone explain why some chords in the melody section are not matched with the chords section !!!

The real problem starts when I export the midi and present it in the DAW, It doesn’t present the Chord from the Chord section, it actually present the one in the melody section.

hi @abdulrahman,

The stable melody guides in the staff show all scale degrees in the chord that are visible in the staff, in no particular order. These scale degrees do not denote inversion, and merely serve as a guide to help you write melody.

For midi export, the default piano harmony track exports a piano right-hand voicing. The “left-hand” voicing is in the piano bass track, which serves to define the inversion. To get this inversion correct in your DAW, you should either export both tracks (harmony and bass), or if you’d prefer to have the correct inversion in a single track, change the harmony patch to “Piano full chords” which includes the bass in the harmony voicing.

Thank you Ryan,

My musical background is not strong enough,
so for example in the Scale of (C Major), the chord (E, G, C) is not an inversion chord as long as we have an extra note (Bass) placed in C note.
The inversion chord will be only if we have (E, G, C) or (G, C, E) + Bass note in G or E.

Ok, What if we have (C, E, G) + bass note on E or G, is that an inversion as well?