Is there any form of Input available?

I have already found the HookPad “magic chord” useful in working on a song, but I am surprised that I can’t find any input modes for inputting existing work from any other tool - not even batching up keystrokes in a copy/paste mode. It is not that HookPad is particularly tedious to do input, but it certainly adds minutes or hours to any task. As a software engineer, I can adapt a lot of things, but the HookPad “save to disk” is a pretty large undocumented XML-type file, and I would prefer not to have to reverse-engineer it.

Hey we don’t currently have other other input methods. Melody input is probably the easiest that we could potentially do (are you looking for Midi input or what exactly?). Chords progressions would be a little harder for us to parse as we’d need to look at individual notes and try to infer when the harmony is changing. Not impossible, but non-trivial