Is there a way to do pedal harmony on hookpad as seen in the video in section 5.5 of Hook Theory I?

I’ve never actually heard of pedal harmony anywhere else, and I’ve done some google searches and can’t find anything about it. I only sort of grasp the concept and was hoping to mess around with it on Hook Pad but I don’t think it’s possible.

The video in section 5.5 seems to be of Hook Pad using pedal harmony and the “V/1” or “five over one” notation, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make Hook Pad do that.

There are not many slash chords you can do in Hookpad right now; the ones that can be done are found here.

The slash in the Roman numeral represents applied chords, usually secondary dominants. They have nothing to do with pedal harmony.

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