Is there a way to add mM7 and dim7 chords?

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I know we can add half diminished 7th chords
ie m7b5
but what about fully diminished chords?

And also minor Major 7 chords?

mM7: borrow i#7 from Harmonic minor or iv#7 from Phrygian Dominant
full dim7: borrow vii°7 from Harmonic minor or iii°7 from Phrygian Dominant

Yes, but is there a way to get mM7 chords that do not correspond to the i or iv? For instance, if I am writing in Dharm, but I want to use an FmM7 chord, the only way I can do this is by changing the key to Fharm or CPhrDom. It would be nice if we could search for mM7 chords from without the current key and just have them be labelled as “borrowed.”

i started to say i could find it via search but you’re correct, the search seems restricted by the key (and mode?) selected. in the key of C Major, you can search for FmM7, in D (anything) you can only get to Fm7.

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I’d like to see an update that adds this

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Bumping this again…it would be very useful