Is there a Hookpad app for iOS (iPad)?

Can’t find it in the appstore. I don’t know where I clicked in my android phone and then the hookpad app was downloaded. But in iOS I can’t find the way to get it

i think you downloaded the “hook theory” app. i don’t see an “hookpad” app in Google apps.

I swear is an Hookpad app. I clicked in a message “open in app” when I was in the browser and it downloaded the app for android. With it own app icon.

Didn’t find it in the Playstore.

Is there an app like that for iOS?. Why there are no official links to these apps?

I think you downloaded a Chrome “App”. So technically Hookpad was still running in the Chrome browser but you got your own app icon to open it and most of the app is loaded from your iPhone instead of our server.

You might find a symbol like this in your Chrome Browser when Hookpad is opened.
Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 12.57.44

But as most of Hookpad’s data is cached on your device anyway, there is no difference between running the downloaded app and the browser version of Hookpad, apart from the app icon.