Is possible to select the voicing inside the chords? or import midi chords to the chords section and dont to the melody?

i have a progression that make in ableton, and my voicing for the chord that i want to write is
d-f-g-b-d in that order.
but the most near that i can get with hookpad is in c key ii add 6 add 11
but with this chord the notes are d-b-f-g in that order. f and g are in the next octave and sounds very different from what i want. and the option of invertion doesnt help me because i still want that d is my lower key of the chord. i just want to write a chord with d f g b d notes, without use the spaces of the melody, how i could do it?

Surprisingly, only melodies can be imported.
I like the simplicity of the Hookpad workflow and would love to be able to import any of the endless MIDI chord progressions I already have to modify them.

I doubt it would be hard to implement considering Hookpad can export MIDI files far more complex than the simple single channel ones I’d like to import as starting points.

If the chord voicings are beyond the simple ones in Hookpad it could just use the closest one, or use piano lead/bass to best approximate the voicings in the file and use a harmony (polyphonic) piano sound for the main chord…

Have you tried G7 in second inversion? This should contain the same notes.

You also might try out different harmony instrument patches as they have different voicings. All the patches containing the word “full” are playing all notes of a chord while others are playing a three note voicing. Some of the “full” patches have an open voicing while others have a compact voicing.
I think the organ patches have a compact but full voicing which should give you the chord you want.

Please let me know if this helped.