Is it possible to rename theorytabs?

if not then can any one of the staff pls switch the artist and title for this tysm LOL

First things first I already tabbed this:

If you want to rename a theorytab:

Send them a message on facebook that’s something like this:

I’d like to change the artist of this theorytab to ‘Silent Partner’ and the name to ‘How It Began’

Then wait a few hours or days and they should change it

If they don’t change it within 1 week (or however long you give them) then say something like ‘Could you change the artist and name please’

If they rename it incorrectly then say ‘you renamed it incorrectly’

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i saw that you had tabbed it, i meant to add onto it by the very beginning as an “intro” section. ill try messaging them on facebook now, thank you for the tip