Is it possible to input this chord?

Hi folks! I recently discovered the TheoryTab database and have been enjoying contributing to it, though I’m still somewhat of a novice at music theory :grinning:

I’m currently working on submitting a jazzy song that kinda swaps between Bb minor and Bb major. At one point, it has the following chord: Ab(root) - A - B - Eb - F. I’ve been trying all sorts of borrowed modes and keys, but have been unable to find a way to input it. Is it possible in Hookpad, and if so, can you explain how? Many thanks!

Specifically in the key of Bb, the only way I can think of is this, but it doesnt have Ab as root.
A more feasible chord fairly close to it is:

I’d love to hear the song you have and see if there’s a simpler explanation for the chord

Thanks for the offer (though you might regret it)! The song is “All I Need” by Jacob Collier. Here’s what I’ve got of the verse, which I currently have in Bb minor, though it might fit better in Gb (and the chorus definitely becomes G-something):

The chord in question is the transitional chord with the blank spot towards the end, when you hear the bass go Bb - Ab - Db. It’s kinda between BbM and Bbm, and sorta functions as V of the next chord (V/V/GbM, kinda?)

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I think this would be a very nice feature that would enable voice leading.

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Interestingly enough I started work on that song once! Will look at it later

I submitted what I have so far: All I Need by Jacob Collier Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory. Ended up compromising on this particular chord with abm6. Please improve! (or alternatively, tear apart and re-do…)