Is Hookpad compatible with IOS mobile devices (iPad, specifically?)

When I first tried to open Hooktheory on my iPad (using Safari as the browser) I was met with a message that stated “Hooktheory’s audio-visual music display requires Adobe Flash Player”. On one of the forum responses (to a similar question) the advice was to download and use “Puffin” as the browser, which would fix things. I did and it didn’t! Well, I downloaded Puffin and thereafter manged to open Hooktheory and could play (and hear) the Introduction To Hookpad video. However, clicking on “Open Hookpad” took me to the Hookpad; I could use it (put in chords and melodies), however, when I try to play it back there is no sound. Back on the forum, another suggestion (to a similar question) was to use Google Chrome as the browser. I tried that, but still no sound. Is there a solution?

Hey Dave

Puffin has worked in the past for some people but I’m not sure if it is still the case (is anyone currently successfully using Puffin?). They do some crazy stuff to make it work (I think they are running Hookpad on a remote desktop computer and sending your device a video).

Unfortunately it is not something we can provide much support for as we don’t control their platform. I know there are some competing options too. Perhaps those would be worth a try if they are free.

Ultimately the real solution will be for us to get Hookpad off of Flash.

In the meantime I recommend using a mac/windows computer for Hookpad


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Ideally the only good solution for this is to get Hookpad onto HTML5 ASAP.

Of which, there is no ETA…

Hi Dave,

Thanks for providing that helpful information. At least I now know to concentrate on my laptop when using Hookpad.


Strange issues for me, video playback was working fine on iOS iPad, Chrome, now I get a “slash” through the play icon on all videos. Nothing was updated or changed on the iPad. I was unsuccessful in searching for any recent iOS Chrome related issues so I started using my Macbook but that’s a little difficult at the gym :slight_smile: You guys have a great product, congratulations on book 2!


I’m assuming this is the web version? Does it work on Safari?


@dave yes, I was logged into the web with my iPad.
It doesn’t work on Chrome or Safari on my iOS devices. The strange part is why it suddenly stopped working on Chrome.

I just verified that the book works fine on my iPhone on both chrome and safari. Will try iPad later, but don’t suspect there will be any difference. Could it be a memory issue or borked video plugin? Maybe restart your device? Is this all videos in the book or just some?


@dave Thanks for the confirmation, that definitely helps in knowing that it does work for some people. Why it stopped working out-of-the-blue, not sure. I tried rebooting, etc with no luck. It is all videos and acts the same way on my Android device too. When you have a moment, can you confirm your version of Chrome and what iOS version you are using. Thanks again!

Tested with iOS 10.02 with chrome 54.0.2840.66

One thing you might try in addition to the reboot is emptying the cache.


@dave I had tried clearing the cache as well as the powerbutton+home to reset, neither resolved the issue. Now it appears to be working on my Android device with Chrome, so I will use that at the gym. My iPad is an older one so it’s not running the latest iOS, which prevents me from updating Chrome. Oh well… Thank you so much for your help. I will use my Android device at the gym and a laptop at home. Hope you have a great week!

Bummer! I thought I was spending the $20 to get hookpad on my iOS, but I guess that was just for basic theory lessons?

@ayonixon this is correct. If you purchased in error let me know


It works fine with Photon Flash Player on my iPad

At this point, you don’t really need the third-part apps at this point, only an HTML5-capable browser for iOS and you can use Hookpad 2. The version of Hookpad for submitting Theorytab entries is still Flash, though.