Is ChordCrush effective?

Just got Chord Scale, is it really an effective way to learn if I don’t first get taken through some exercises to recognize the different scales first? It feels like maybe that should be a preliminary otherwise I’m just sorta matching sounds without understanding the underlaying relationship relative to each key.

For example, in the app, I hear the scale first and I unconsciously recognize what the key sounds like and THEN I match the sounds to the corresponding chord degrees.

But I’m concerned it’s only part of what I’d need to recognize chords.

Example #2: I’m hearing a song on the radio or better yet, something I couldn’t simply google, like a song imagined or dreamt, wouldn’t I be already need to know the scale to then reverse engineer what chord degrees I’m hearing?

This is not a criticism but a genuine question toward people who have practiced Chord Crush for a while. Am I expected to have scales committed to memory first or is it largely irrelevant because you can detect the chord relationship and from there reverse engineer the scale?