Is a print version of Hooktheory being considered?

I teach several music courses at an inner city charter school. Your theory concepts are perfect for beginners. Attaching them to pop songs is brilliant. The context is immediate as well as the application. However, my school has very limited technology resources. Hooktheory I really is the solution to my theory teaching needs - Music production class, novice music readers, little theory knowledge… But not enough tablets or computers in the school to go around, much less being at the bottom of the funding food chain, makes Hooktheory somewhat unattainable for us.
I understand you’re trying to keep everything electronic - that makes sense. But given these circumstances would you consider a printed version? Perhaps using a smart board or projector attached to a computer so that the audio/visual aspect is not lost competely, but students would have a physical book to read the material.
There has to be a way you can adapt it to print while maintaining the integrity and quality of the material…


We definitely understand your situation and it’s something we will consider, though we have no current plans. In the meantime you can certainly project the content during class and perhaps your students could use the books from their computer at home?