iPadOS and Windows, One purchase?

I am a relatively new user, trying Hookpad out on a iPad Pro while traveling. If I purchase the product, will I also be able to use it when I return to my Windows system? Will songs written in Hookpad on iPad be transferable to my Google drive so I can continue working on them at home?

Hi and welcome to Hooktheory!

All songs are saved on our server so you won’t even need your Google Drive. Just open Hookpad in your browser on windows and log into your account.

Please let me know if you need anything else!


Thank you for your quick response. And if I might persist, is the iPadOS fully supported? I see a lot of issues with sound posted in the forum, and almost no official responses. Does the iPad platform have unusual problems, such that I will be unhappy if I purchase now, and then can’t get things working until I come back to Windows.

Thanks for any help with this.

I will say a large percentage of sound issues on iOS devices end up being related to the mute switch/ringer being off. It’s actually quite confusing as depending on the system settings sometimes the ringer mutes everything, and sometimes it only certain sounds (rings obviously but other sound sources as well) but not others so its easy to think you aren’t muted. I would say the desktop experience is better overall than an iPad mostly do to touch controls being less precise than a keyboard and mouse but it should be perfectly fine for most use cases.


Dave, thanks for engaging on this subject. I don’t believe my problems have anything to do with the control you are talking about it. I looked at all the sound settings and they are all on.

One place where I reliably have no sound is if I leave the project loaded, for example overnight, although it doesn’t have to be that long. When I come back, and press Play, the cursor runs through the project but makes no sound. When I refresh the browser tab, and reload the project, it plays fine.

Another variation of that is that I click on the Play button, and nothing happens, The cursor doesn’t move through the bars. Usually this is also fixed with a refresh and re-load,

Finally, right after the latest updates, the Sound was very distorted when I started up the project. It seemed to correct itself 15 or 20 minutes later,

I see plenty of complaining about issues like this in older forum posts with no responses at all, no it even from anyone else in the user forum. It worries me about the viability of the app or the platform.

Thanks ahead with any help understanding these situations.