IOS hookpad will not play when the play button is pressed after loading a song

I can bring up any song in iPad IOS Hookpad but it will not play when I touch the Play button on the screen.
Hook pad is the only app that is on and the ram has been cleared.

I need to play around with different cursor positions before Hookpad will play the song. There is no pattern to this just random cursor placements until the play button works.

It is difficult to place the cursor at the beginning of the measure I want to play. The cursor does not go to the beginning of the measure and I need to play around with it to do so.

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@johnbasos we were seeing an issue with the new version of mobile Safari that was causing playback not start in some cases. We’ve hopefully addressed these in the latest build (2.23.0), so please update and see if that fixes the issues for you.

I normally used Chrome on the Ipad / IOS but also tried Safari. The play button now works but the song degrades and increases with static as it plays. then it finally freezes. But at least it starts to play when I press the play button now. We are moving in the right direction.

Try again now, we’ve just pushed a new minor version of Hookpad that has much better performance, especially for longer projects

Hi there, I’m also having this issue, none of my 12 tracks will play using either the space bar or the play button.

I haven’t used Hookpad since 20 June 22, it’s now 9 July. I’m working on my MacBook on Safari
If I start a new track it works perfectly, but not my historical work.

Please help, I can’t do anything without this function.

Thanks, Suzanne

Ok, I’ve now opened my work using Chrome and the play button is working.
I used not to be able to use Hookpad with Chrome, only Safari, but never mind.

Hi @suzroux can you confirm which version of Hookpad are you on? We should have fixed the Safari play bug in 2.23.0. If you have an older version of Hookpad you can hold Shift while pressing the browser refresh button to get the latest version of Hookpad