Invisible notes and many other bugs after importing a simple MIDI melody

– Export MIDI clip from Ableton
– Import .mid to existing Hookpad project
– Try to add notes to imported measures via Hookpad UI

When I try the last step, notes are invisible, but still play. When I add notes to a new measure, notes appear, but note pitch and length cannot be changed once placed. When I try to change the length of a note that was added after the imported section, it changes the length of a seemingly arbitrary note earlier in the arrangement.

This has made my file completely unusable…

I am having similar issues. I noticed phasing during playback, because under the hood I think there are multiple notes occurring at the same time for the same voice, even though only the expected notes are visible. Also there are invisible notes that play, but can’t be seen, and adjusting some notes makes them disappear.

Essentially it seems importing MIDI is NOT currently supported since it will break your project.

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Hi, MIDI import in Hookpad works, but it’s important to clean your MIDI file before importing to something you could also have created in Hookpad. Here are some tips:

  1. Monophonic Notes: Ensure each voice has only one note at a time.
  2. Quantization: Match the notes to Hookpad’s grid.
  3. Meters and Time Signatures: Use standard ones that Hookpad supports.
  4. Clean Up: Remove any extra, non-standard data.

Cleaning the MIDI file will help prevent issues like phasing and invisible notes. In the meantime we’ll do our best to prevent song projects from crashing when importing unknown midi data.

Hope this helps!

Best, Dennis

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Now there is an unknown error when importing midi files.

working ok for me from several different sources. mine is very clean MIDI though. so maybe import into your DAW first to check the content.