Invertable 9th chords

I still wonder why you can’t invert 9th chords yet. Maybe it sounds too muddy with 4 notes but at the same time there are chords you can create in hookpad with over 7 notes.

Some people can get around this by using borrowed chords that when you click the [b9] option, it gives you a double-flat 9, however you can only do this on IV, V, ii, and iii


finally someone suggested this

Yeah, I always have to do a workaround for add9 chords by making 11no3no5 chords

example: inverted 9th chords by hookpad test artist Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory

cmon we need this, i hear so many inverted ninth chords in so many songs recently!!!

it’s only a fad. it’ll pass. we’ll soon be back to 1-4-5 and sevenths… :wink: