Inversions for the right hand


i hope you can help me and i used the correct topic for my question.
I like to create a chord progression with different inversions, for examle

c major - c major 1st Inversion - c major 2nd Inversion

So the notes should be:

c e g - e g c - g c e

If i mute the piano bass dotted and push play all those chords sounding completly identic.
The keyboard shows me all the time - c e g - (only the bass note which i have muted changes)
I would love to change not only the bass note by using your inversion tool.
How is it possible to create an inversion for the right hand? How can i built a - e g c - or - g c e - chord into my production?

I hope you understand my problem.

Would be so wonderful if you can help me on that.

Peace & Love

Hi Paul,
yeah the right hand doesn’t necessarily invert in our voicing algorithms, just the bass note. This is ok from a theory perspective (inversions don’t refer to the closed position voicing of the chord in the right hand, rather, just the lowest note). However, having the ability to have some control over the voicing of the chords would certainly be nice and it is something we are looking into for the next version of Hookpad.


Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply. To have the full control of the voicing would be very nice.
Do I need to pay again for the new version or will it be included by my payment already?

Lots of love

No you won’t have to pay again. As long as you are a subscriber you’ll get access automatically to any updates as we release them