Introducing Chord Crush (BETA): a chord progression ear trainer by Hooktheory

Hi all,

Over the last six months, we started thinking more seriously about expanding Hooktheory in the ear training space, especially with respect to chords and chord progressions, where we believe we can make the biggest impact. We brainstormed a large number of options, from a full on “course” or book that walked through various techniques, to something similar to the old daily dictation challenge. Ultimately we decided on a simple app that has a simple goal:

To train your ear to recognize chords and chord progressions from music that you care about.

The result of this effort is Chord Crush, a new chord progression ear trainer by Hooktheory, live in beta on our site now: Log in with your Hooktheory username to get started.

Chord Crush trains your ear by giving you chord progression “puzzles” to solve based on real songs from the Theorytab database. You can hear chord progressions in different styles using the band selector to train your ear to hear different ways of hearing chords. When a puzzle is solved, you can listen to the chord progression in context using the linked Theorytab.

Chord Crush is laser-focused on teaching you to hear chords, so you won’t find interval training, scales, or other elements of classical ear training that we think are less useful for most of you.

While Chord Crush is in beta, it will be completely free and unlocked. As with Hookpad, we intend on keeping the core elements of the app free when it officially launches, but will offer a paid plan for users who would like advanced features, unrestricted use and/or would like to support its development further.

We have a lot of awesome ideas for the app, and would also love to hear what you think of it.

Happy crushing!


Thank you :smiley:

Very excited about this