Interesting chord naming bug

V is showing as V / V or V / vii dim?

Here’s a link to the sharable link, hopefully it can be diagnosed from there.

Seems to be triggered by opening the magic chord interface.

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This disappeared on a reload, will see if there are steps to replicate.

Hi, I just purchased this software and immediately saw this too. Also when I enter V7, so no inversion, even the wrong Chord name shows up. So in C, the V7 should be G7…but C7 appears. What to do?

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Oh thank god, I’m not crazy. Did you try shift-refreshing the browser?

@Ryan @chris @dave I figured out how to recreate this in any hookpad project, you need to put a secondary chord (IV/, V/ or any other secondary chord)

The secondary chord you choose will bug the primary chord. So e.g. if you do V/ in major or Lydian then a regular V chord might display as V/vii. If you do IV/ in major, Mixolydian or Dorian then a regular IV chord might display as IV/vii

Also if I change the key then it doesn’t update the absolute chord label properly

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@emeraldnext, yes but it keeps coming back, very annoying… but as I’m new here, I assume this wasn’t an issue before?

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Yeah, I’m also having this issue. The first time I saw it, on the 27th I think, the V was broken. Now the V7 is too, even on the search bar.

How does this work, do the creators read this and get back to us?

Yes, probably they should be fixing it already. Usually they are very fast fixing bugs.

And btw this wasn’t an issue before, at least not that I noticed.

All, thank you for all of the steps to reproduce. We have some of the best bug reporters on the planet! This is likely a bug with our low-level memo function memoizing two different chord objects with the same hash for the drawing layer. We made a change to that function somewhat recently to fix a different but similar issue, and looks like it busted this. Working on it.

UPDATE: Fixed with 2.15.1, released 2020.08.03. Thank you, everyone!


@chris if you go to the chord properties panel and change the type to 11, the absolute label for the Lydian chord (i.e. the green root position triad) will incorrectly display as a Mixolydian chord 11 absolute chord label (in this case C/D)

@chris and sometimes the absolute and relative chord label is incorrect but the voicing is fine (e.g. in the screenshot below, the selected chord is actually Abm but the roman numeral displays as II and the absolute chord label displays as Ab. However both the voicing and sound is Abm)

@chris both not fixed as of 2.15.8

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