Instrument Volume Control

This topic came up in December 2020 but I haven’t seen any further responses. However, this is becoming a serious irritant. The mouse controlled sliders are too jittery and setting constant volumes over several Band inputs is very time consuming and frustrating. Is it possible to link the volume sliders to a nudge key or the keyboard arrow keys to make easy and accurate volume changes? Also, having the option to link all instruments in several Band inputs so that they can be adjusted simultaneously would be wonderful! Thanks for listening. I hope others who are undoubtedly having the same frustrating experience will reply or like this post. I have to say, I love HookPad and this volume thing is the only fault I’ve found. Great program.

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Hi and thank you for your feedback!

We know that mixing in Hookpad is not the best experience right now. One problem is that we don’t have channels like in a DAW as it’s all based on voices and instruments for those voices. But there are a few features which might help you:

  • You can copy band markers by clicking on a band marker, press C and clicking on the next band marker and press V.
  • Double clicking on a fader will reset it to default value.
  • Right to the play button you will find a mixer button which opens a kind of bus mixer where you can control the volume of all bass instruments, harmony instruments, drums and voices at once.

As automatically linking different instances of the same instrument would be really difficult, perhaps we could do something to make the volume faders a bit better to use? Would that help?

Sorry to be late in replying to this. Yes your suggestions will help. Anything that will make the sliders more user friendly would be great. Thx, Tim