Infinite loop in find best break

Using Acer Chromebook

@colmessy, sorry about this, I’ll take a look and get back to you.

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Having a similar issue

This issue for me has been fixed, not by myself. So i,m a happy chappie :slight_smile:

I am currently getting this message “Infinite loop in _findBestBreak” when i try to export any musical score, lead, or tabs. The pdfs are created ok but the message remains confusing.
john b

Hi @johnbasos,

Thanks for the bug report, can you either post or email support(at) the name of the song that’s doing this? That can help us pinpoint what’s going wrong. Thanks!

Thanks for the email, we’ve identified a bug that is causing the score export to crash when using certain rhythms in 6/8 time. We’ll push a fix for this shortly, thanks again for your help!

This issue has been fixed in v2.9.7, live now.