Infinite Loop Detected - PLEASE HELP!

I am trying to export my song to sheet music and the software is giving me this message. There have been a few similar posts but nothing about how to fix this issue. Please help, as I need the sheet music by Monday (1/7/19)!

UPDATE: When I leave the tab with the Hookpad+ software and then come back to it, the message will disappear and a dialogue box will open that says it is downloading my sheet music. However, it never actually downloads.

@vzepp, very sorry for this error.

We have discovered a bug in the sheet music score export that sometimes occurs when exporting in swing time with certain instruments. We will push a fix to the website soon, but if you would like to fix the export immediately, you can uncheck the swing time box before you export to score.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the temporary fix. I will export without the swing for now.