Incomplete Midi exported with the TinkerBell (Smart) Preset

Only the harmony Midi is exported when I use the TinkerBell preset for the lead. Changing it to something else made it work so just want to report. My Hookpad version is 2.12.13 and I use Edge (Chromium) in Windows 10. I have not tried it in other browsers.

20 Days and no ack or response from the Devs? Is this the norm?

@rcube, Sorry we missed this.

Are you exporting using the drag-n-drop midi icons in the band browser, or using File → Export → Midi?

We’re not seeing this bug on our end. If you save a song to .json (using the save to disk option) where this is happening and send it to me (ryan(at) I can take a look and see why this is failing.

Thanks Ryan - The issue repros using the File->Export->Midi. I managed to repro again - here are the steps.

  1. Create a new song.
  2. Change the lead to TinkerBell (smart) and the Harmony to Atomspheric Pads (Delete the other instruments)
  3. Create 1/4 notes for the first 8 bars and fill some of second row of 8 bars with chords
    (see the screen shot below.)
  4. File->Export->MIDI and only the harmony is exported.


@Ryan - Please see above. Thanks for getting back to me.

Thanks @rcube, I think I know what’s going on, I really appreciate your detailed report. Will post an update when this is fixed.

EDIT: This was a bug affecting (ironically) all “smart” instruments where 1/4 beat (16th notes) were not appearing in midi exports. We will be pushing a fix to this in the next minor release of Hookpad as soon as possible

@Ryan - Thanks for the update! Glad to see this fixed in a future release.

this bug is fixed in version 2.14.0