Inaccurate Key Change Playback (also, G# major!?)

Hi folks! Working on a TheoryTab and encountered a strange bug when inserting a key change. I wasn’t able to replicate, but I’m sharing to put it on your radar.

I am changing from G# Dor to G# Maj, and it properly shows “KEY: G# Major” above the staff (…though I’m pretty sure you should be changing it to Ab). Additionally, you can see that it’s correctly interpreted what the V9 and IV9 chords should be. But in the “Key Properties” menu, you can see that it thinks it’s in Db Major. And more importantly, during input and during playback, it plays as though it is in Db Major. For example, when I click on the V9 chord, I hear C9 instead of D#9.

Changing the key properties menu to manually click on G# corrects the issue and changes it to Ab. Weird!!

thanks for the report!

Yes, Hookpad playback can sometimes get unstable when you insert key signatures that have more than 7 sharps or 7 flats (like G# Major). We try to make it difficult to create exotic key signatures, but as some users have discovered, you can create crazy key signatures by alternating between parallel and relative tranpositions (not recommended :grimacing:). Probably the right thing as you say would be to automatically transpose to an enharmonic key that is within the realm of typical key signatures