In Hooktheory, how do I keep melody from changing when I change underlying key


Hooktheory is great for figuring out songs.

I’ve found that with my beginning skills, I can figure out the notes in the melody and harmony easier than the chord structure, so I do these notes first. Figuring out the melody helps me then figure out the chord progression.

In Hooktheory I need to declare a key signature before typing in the melody and I’m generally ok with doing this - but if I get the key signature wrong and need to change it, all of the melody notes shift, their relative positions are the same in the new key as the old, but the notes themselves move. Yet if I’ve worked out the actual notes in a melody progression, I don’t want these to shift. Is there a recommended way to prevent this from happening? Or am I the only person who likes to figure out the melody of a song right away?

After changing the key, you can select the notes (using a to select all is easiest) and then use . or , to adjust the notes back to their original pitch. You will have to repeat this for each staff. I don’t think there’s a way to automatically preserve pitches/chords when changing key—it’s technically feasible for notes but more complicated for chords, since Hookpad records the chord functions and not just their quality/component notes.

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