In-App sign in feature does not work

Continue with Google and continue with Apple buttons
in Web app (app added to home screen via bookmark )do not work. Tapping them do not lead to next page.

If it is difficult to fix these buttons, I wanna change my account setting so that I can sign in directly to Hooktheory without through Google. Is it possible?

Trying to reproduce this. Is this on an iPad? I’m assuming this is Hookpad you are talking about?

I’m talking about all of Hook theory books I and II and Hookpad on both iPad (Air3 OS16.7.2)and iPhone(SE 2nd Generation iOS16.7). I can merely tap ‘‘Continue with Google’’ but it does not lead to next sign-in page.

Thanks I was able to reproduce this. It look like a recent change in Safari broke it. We will look into it and address. It appears to work fine if you get the free app from the App Store. ‎Hooktheory I on the App Store

I’m happy to hear it’ll be fine. I live in Japan and it seems the app costs ¥2200 (about 15$)in Japan😭

II wanna know whether free app is available in Japan.