Improvements for the Trends API

I would like that these methods be added to the Trends API:

  • Retrieving all chords of a Theorytab, given the artist, song, and section name;
  • Retrieving all songs and the section names of their analyses of any given artist.

As well as these tweaks:

  • Returning the entire list of results instead of splitting them into pages of 20 when, say, page=0 is specified, because it is not quite efficient to send over 80 HTTP requests to obtain all songs using the 1 chord;
  • Returning the blank array [] instead of No songs match this chord progression while using the /songs endpoint, so that all results of the 490 supported chords from it can be treated as JSON strings without handling exceptions (like the /stats endpoint).

These should be possible with the current API, and without extensive overhaul.

@HertzDevil, thanks for your input. We’re looking into all of these suggestions