Import MIDI Melody Glitch

The melody imports correctly, but when I edit a note it doesn’t delete the note I’m moving—meaning, it’s creating two notes that play simultaneously on the same voicing. I’ve tried selecting all and delete, but the notes remain. There are no other voices that are active–they are all “(empty)”. Any ideas?

Hey kellan,

wow, that’s odd. I couldn’t replicate this behaviour with any of my midi files. Could you please send a message to so we can check your midi file and see what’s going wrong there.



I found the issue and workaround!

For anyone else who has the issue:
This is specific to a MIDI file exported directly from Ableton. Once it’s imported into Hooktheory, the file is corrupted, and no matter what, even if you re-import a new MIDI file from a different program, it will still be corrupted.

But, I was able to use an online MIDI editor to import the Ableton-exported MIDI file, then export and unchanged-MIDI file from the online MIDI editor, and boom, the new MIDI imports correctly into a new Hookpad document.

In order to not lose your chords, you will have to copy from your corrupted Hookpad document, then “paste from clipboard” to a new one.

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may be useful as well:
Understanding MIDI files – Ableton

“Live supports the export of SMF0 MIDI files only”

this may be important if your melody parts are on separate clips
" Note: only a single MIDI clip can be exported at a time. If you want to export all MIDI events from one MIDI track, select all clips first, consolidate them, and then export the consolidated clip"

@kellan6 could you post the midi file that’s giving you issues? We use Tone.js to parse the midi files, but if it’s coming in corrupted it’s likely an issue with the translation, and we should be able to get to the bottom of that without too much trouble.

This forum doesn’t seem to allow file uploading. But if you give me an email I can send your way.